How to Know if You Have an Auto Accident Lawsuit?

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Indiana auto insurance industry is estimated to be worth over $692.29 ranking 9th nationally in size. Insurance costs have been rising with reports indicating that the average insurance cost for small cars is estimated to be over $1,232 in 2018.

Being on the road is always a moment of uncertainty. You might find yourself involved in either minor or a serious auto accident that causes bodily injuries or car damage. If you find yourself in fault or no-fault, we list below tips on how to know if you have an auto accident lawsuit?

Under which circumstances do you seek the services of a car accident lawyer?

1. When You Are the Cause of the Accident

The moment you are responsible for an auto accident, insurance companies will tell you not to admit liability. However, they will also tell you to seek a lawyer immediately. Let your lawyer know you suspect that you are at fault.

If you feel you are at fault, your lawyer will prepare you on your defense when a lawsuit comes. He will also engage the other parties to seek any out of court settlement or working with your insurance cover to meet the cost of the damage. This way, you leave the burden to your lawyers as things get sorted.

2. When there is Serious Body Injuries or Fatalities

When you have an auto accident and you suffer serious injuries, you are advised to seek medical assistance immediately. Auto accidents can be fatal and the quicker you get to the hospital, the better.

On your way, if you are conscious, alert your lawyer and let them assess the incident. Indiana personal injury lawyers are easily accessible and can help you get fair compensation.

The case is the same in the unfortunate event of death. These are highly sensitive issues that you need a legal mind to handle the matter. There are thousands of lawyers in Indiana to choose from in such an incidence.

3. When the Damage of Your Car Is Quite Extensive

Extensive car damage can lead to it being written off if the repair damage exceeds 50 percent of the amount insured. Write-off and compensation for a new car is a legal process that you should seek an auto accident attorney.

Even in cases where your auto damage is not as extensive, it is good to have a lawyer go through the process and make sure you get decent compensation. In the event that you are to get a replacement of the old car, understand options available so that the daily duties of your life are not interfered with.

4. When the Responsibility of the Accident Is Disputed

Sometimes when an accident happens, both drivers might be shocked to know what exactly happened. In the event, there are no eyewitnesses and you and the other driver’s account are what is being relied upon, there can be a dispute.

Engage your lawyer immediately to help absorb the liability from you.
When an accident arises, insurance companies in Indiana rely on police reports. If your lawyer is available, he can help in ensuring there are no gray areas in such report.

5. When There Is Delay in Compensation, Seek an Accident Attorney

If the insurance company of the driver who is at fault in the auto accident takes long to compensate you, you will need to prepare for a lawsuit. Some companies will drag their feet to give you feedback and this can drain you as you recover from the unfortunate auto accident.

Fort Wayne lawyers have a system of contacting the insurance company and working out on a timely compensation.

6. When the Amount Offered For Compensation Is Way Lower Than Expected

In the event of a dispute on the amount to be compensated, it’s always advisable for you to find a lawyer that will help you settle on a fair amount of compensation. If the amount on offer is deemed to be too little, prepare yourself to move to court and seek a rate that is fair to both parties.

For example, if the physical injuries compensation is only factoring hospitalization, seek compensation also for the lost hours. Also, seek compensation for loss of personal items that were in the car during the accident. A judge will determine if these demands are justified.

7. When the Car at Fault Is Not Insured or the Cover Looks Suspicious

Indiana laws are quite punitive for individuals operating a car without a valid insurance cover. This can be both jail and fine with up to $10,000 and a 90-day license suspension. When you get involved in an accident with a driver whose car is not insured, make a report immediately to the police.

You will need to have a lawyer as soon as possible since a court case here seems inevitable. Also, be keen to seek a lawsuit if you suspect the insurance cover of the other car seems suspicions or invalid. Nowadays cases of insurance fraud are on the rise.

8. If The Driver at Fault Is DUI

Indiana highways can be dangerous at times especially when it comes to someone driving under the influence of alcohol. This can be a sobering moment for both of you. However, as one of you is not operating in an optimal perfect mind, it can get nasty especially in terms of determining and admitting who is at fault.

Seek your lawyer and be prepared to move to a court of law to seek fair compensation. In any case, you might be called to give witness account if the other driver is charged with DUI charges. A lawsuit can also come if you were the one who was under DUI.

An Auto Accident Is Almost a Sure Way to Get a Lawsuit

Whenever you are involved in an auto accident, it’s advisable to seek the services of an accident lawyer. Some cases might be seen as minor but can advance with time and preparing an engagement with a lawyer from the start is important. What might have seemed like small damage can lead to a very complicated lawsuit.

Feel free to visit our website and learn more about auto insurance legal consultations that might bail you out when you are in trouble.

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