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Construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Each year, nearly 20 percent of all workplace deaths happen in the construction industry. Falls are the leading cause of construction site deaths. Nearly 200 fall-related deaths are reported each year throughout the United States.

Fatal falls do not tell the whole story. More than 10,000 construction workers are seriously injured in falls each year throughout the United States. In Indiana, nearly 1,000 employees are injured in work-related falls annually. Many of these falls cause serious injuries to the brain or spine.

While not every construction site fall can be avoided, many can be prevented with the right equipment and proper training. Unfortunately, in the rush to save money and time, some contractors cut corners. They don’t take simple steps to maximize safety on the job. These shortcuts result in unsafe job sites and worker injuries.

What Are Some Types of Causes of Construction Site Falls?

Most construction site falls involve ladders or scaffolding. When a construction worker uses a ladder or scaffolding to do their job, they are in a precarious position. A fall can be caused by:

  • Motorized vehicle traffic (forklifts, trucks, etc.) around the base of the ladder or scaffolding.
  • Falling debris.
  • Structural failures such as slipping planks or support collapse.
  • Missing safety features like guardrails, safety lines or fall arrest systems.
  • Improper training on safety features and use.
  • Unguarded openings in roofs and upper floors.

Even a fall from a distance of six feet or less can result in serious injury or even death.

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What Are Some Common Construction Site Fall Injuries?

Most often, ladder or scaffolding falls occur from heights of 8-12 feet. It might not sound that high, but falling from those heights can cause serious injury to the brain or spine. Sometimes even both. Injuries can happen right away or develop in the days or weeks after an accident, when swelling, bleeding, or inflammation develops around the brain or spinal cord.

Why You Need an Attorney After a Construction Site Fall

Most employees know about workers’ compensation. It is a special insurance for workers injured on the job. Workers’ compensation helps by paying medical costs for work-related injuries, and also replaces some of the worker’s lost pay.

But what happens when somebody other than an employer causes the worker’s injuries? Perhaps the injuries were caused by another contractor or by defective products or equipment. In that case, the injured worker can pursue damages from the responsible party.

Of course, those responsible are not going to voluntarily admit their role in the injury. Just the opposite. They don’t want to admit responsibility at all. Especially since medical care costs for a severe brain or spinal cord injury can be more than $3 million dollars over the injured worker’s lifetime. This amount doesn’t even include pain and suffering or the special damages faced by the spouse, children, and family of the injured worker.

This is why an injured worker needs a lawyer. A lawyer studies the facts, identifies the responsible parties, and develops solid legal strategies to help the injured worker get results.

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