Construction Site Falls from Scaffolds Lawsuit in Fort Wayne

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Scaffolding is part of most construction sites. So are injuries from scaffolding falls. Improperly installed structures, missing guardrails or other safety features, or lack of proper training all cause scaffolding falls.

These falls often cause serious injuries or even death. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 25 percent of workers injured in scaffolding accidents did not receive enough safety training. More than 4,500 scaffolding accidents could be prevented each year if contractors simply followed OSHA safety standards.

Sadly, the urge to cut corners and reduce costs drives many contractors to ignore scaffolding safety. When that happens, worker injuries follow.

What Are Common Injuries from Scaffold Falls in Indiana?

Most scaffolding falls are from 12 feet or less. This might not sound very high. The reality is that a fall from 8-12 feet can cause serious brain or spinal cord injuries. Injuries like this require a prolonged and painful recovery period. Lifetime care is often required.

A blow to the head, which is common in scaffolding falls, can cause a simple concussion or more severe injuries like bruising, swelling, torn tissues, or bleeding between the brain and skull. The brain is fragile. Any brain injury can lead to long-term complications or even death.

Scaffolding falls can also cause spinal cord injuries. These injuries occur when the protective tissue around the spinal cord is fractured, dislocated, overextended, or compressed. Spinal cord injuries often result in chronic pain. Partial or full paralysis is also a common result.

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What Are Some Medical Expenses from Scaffolding Falls?

Brain and spinal cord injuries result in some of the largest medical bills related to construction site falls. Severe injuries to the brain or spine often require medical treatment costing $100,000 or more. This is just for the immediate treatment. When an injured worker requires lifetime care, medical bills can easily be $3 million dollars or more.

Keep in mind, these figures don’t take into account the pain and suffering experienced by the injured worker or his loved ones.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Workers’ compensation coverage usually provides initial relief from medical bills when a worker is hurt on the job. However, workers’ compensation coverage is limited. It does not compensate an injured worker for pain and suffering.

Many workers are hurt on the job because of the negligence of a third-party or by defective equipment. When that happens, the injured worker needs the assistance of a lawyer who understands scaffolding fall injuries. An experienced lawyer will listen to the facts, identify the responsible parties, and prepare a solid case to help the injured worker get relief.

The lawyers at the law firm of  Truitt Law Offices have been helping scaffolding fall victims for over 40 years. We listen to and care about every client. We understand the struggles you go through when you’re injured on the job. We work hard to get you the relief you deserve.

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