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Highway Work Zone Accident in Indiana

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Everyone hates being stuck in Fort Wayne construction zones, as they can be confusing to navigate. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a construction zone car accident, chances are it was related to the frustration and confusion associated with construction zone traffic. Sometimes, during these times, people drive recklessly and endanger others. Other times, people get confused about right of way and fail to yield when they should. Trucks and construction equipment are especially dangerous in construction zones. They may be driven carelessly or attempt to use their greater size to intimidate their way into inappropriate gaps in traffic.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a Fort Wayne Indiana construction zone accident, you may feel uncertain about the future. You may have a flood of bills including car repairs and medical expenses and lost wages, while you are unable to work or have lost the breadwinner of the family. Indiana personal injury lawyer, Richard Truitt, wants to help you get through your uncertainty and make those responsible for your accident pay for what they have done to you. Call or email him today for a free consultation about your rights and legal options.

Have A Construction Zone Accident Claim?

Construction zones can be inherently dangerous. Drivers are required to comply with posted lowered speed limits that attempt to compensate for the dangers of the construction zone, including loose or uneven roadway surfaces, surprising turns, sudden stops, and forced merges. Sometimes people are oblivious to posted speed limit reductions and may drive too fast for conditions, leading to car accidents when they are unable to stop or merge or lose control of their vehicle. This can sometimes cause an accident. A Work Zone Accident Lawyer at Truitt Law Offices in Fort Wayne Indiana can help.

Recklessness Can Happen in Construction Zones

Many times, people stuck in Fort Wayne construction zones can become impatient and reckless, especially during the sticky heat of Indiana summers. This can lead to people jockeying for position, trying to intimidate other drivers, or performing dangerous maneuvers that can cause car accidents. Other times, people may be ignorant of when they are supposed to yield and this may lead to a car accident. Many of these collisions are at low speeds, but others can be dangerous or deadly.

Large Trucks Deadly in Fort Wayne Construction Zones

Nearly one fourth of all fatal accidents in construction zones involve a large truck. Large truck drivers can be careless or fail to yield right of way. They can also become reckless and attempt to squeeze into an inappropriate space, often counting on their size to intimidate other vehicles to move out of the way. Large trucks and construction equipment also sometimes emerge from unexpected places during road work and may not be able to see oncoming traffic. In addition, crowding in work zones can force you into a semi truck’s so called no zones or blind spots, and this may make them hit you without being aware.

Your Insurance Company is Not Your Friend

Insurance companies pretend their business is taking care of people. Instead, their business is taking in premiums and not paying benefits. The bigger your claim, the more you need their help, the more likely they are to try to find a way not to pay you. Don’t agree to a settlement until you have consulted with a lawyer, especially if you experienced some form of serious personal injury like a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a construction zone accident, you need the help of an advocate who knows the law and is looking out for your well-being. Indiana personal injury lawyer Richard Truitt is prepared to stand up for you. Please contact him at Truitt Law Offices today.

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