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A construction site is a hazardous workplace. Not only is it dangerous for the workers, but there are also risks to the general public. The heavy equipment, materials, and tools create hazards for everyone.

If you work as a contractor or are the owner of the property, you are at risk of an injury claim being filed against you. It is essential to understand the claim process and how to defend yourself or your company best if someone brings a claim against you.

Injury claims, whether brought on by an employee or an individual, can be costly to defend. Even if someone is injured trespassing illegally on the property, a claim could be filed against you.

Get an Experienced Attorney on your Side

The attorneys at the Truitt Law Offices have experience defending clients against frivolous construction accident lawsuits. Cases like these can be challenging to defend, especially if someone is claiming some negligence on your part.

An experienced team of attorneys can mount an aggressive defense on your behalf in court and make sure that your interests are properly represented.

It is essential that if you are dealing with a claim for an accident on a site you are liable for, that you contact us right away. We will start our investigation into the facts of the accident immediately and find evidence that will help in your defense.

What Are Some Types of Construction Site Accidents?

There are a variety of hazards that can lead to accidents on construction sites. Most sites have dangerous equipment, hazardous materials, and other risks. Even if you have a dangerous area fenced off, it doesn’t mean that an accident might not occur.

Some of the more common accidents that we have seen are:

  • Crane accidents
  • Explosions
  • Fire
  • Structural collapses
  • Slips and falls from unbalanced or slippery surfaces

All these accidents can have dire consequences for the injured parties. Many individuals who are injured on construction sites have a permanent disability.

What Are Some Defenses Against Construction Site Accident Lawsuits?

At Truitt Law Offices, we understand the complexities involved in a construction site accident defense. There are a variety of ways to defend against such types of claims.

A top-flight attorney will look at all the circumstances involved in the case and help to craft the best defense possible. It might be possible to minimize or possibly eliminate your liability in the accident.

There are a couple of factors involved that can ultimately help your case:

  • As we conduct our investigation, we might run across evidence that shows the victim acted negligently and was to blame for the accident. Indiana has what is called “comparative fault,” which states that if a victim is even partially responsible, the damage amount can be significantly reduced.
  • If you took all the necessary precautions and put up all the required warning and hazard signs, your liability can be reduced because of these precautions. It is just good business to put up signage, fences, warnings, and other safety protocols.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm that Specializes in Construction Accidents?

If you are facing a claim for a construction accident, then you need an attorney who will provide an aggressive defense. Many people feel that they will not be able to win an accident case, but that’s not necessarily true.

Having an attorney on your side has the following benefits:

  • Representation for all aspects of the claim
  • Representation in negotiations
  • Help to deal with insurance companies
  • Investigative services
  • Someone to explain the legal process
  • Resources that most people do not have access to

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lawyer handshakeTruitt Law Offices understand the process of defending against an accident claim. We can provide you with the expert legal advice necessary to help you understand your case.

If needed, we will also aggressively represent you in court. If you find yourself facing a construction site accident claim, we’re here to help.

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