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Recent statistics put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that every year over 4 million people are injured by dog bites. In addition, more than 31,000 dog bite victims have to suffer through expensive reconstructive surgery as a result of their injuries.



What Are the Penalties for Having a Vicious Dog in Indiana?

In most cases, however, the penalties for having a vicious dog are generally considered misdemeanors. The Indiana Criminal Code defines an unprovoked dog attack as a Class C misdemeanor when:

  1. The owner of the dog recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally fails to take reasonable steps to restrain the dog;
  2. The dog enters a property that does not belong to the dog owner;
  3. Due to the dog owner failing to restrain the animal, the dog bites or attacks another person without provocation, resulting in bodily injury.

Do Cities in Indiana Have Ordinances for Dog Owners Should Their Dog Attack Someone?

Many cities in Indiana, including Indianapolis, have ordinances that govern dog owners for when they are irresponsible and their dog attacks you or a loved one. Some of the city ordinances throughout Indiana may define or restrict certain animals or dog breeds that are dangerous, as well as imposing fines and determining whether the dog who attacked should be destroyed.

As you can see, the criminal penalties are not enough to deal with the results of a dog bite or attack which is why it will fall to you to bring a civil suit in order to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries.
The Truitt Law Offices in Indianapolis are experienced in dog bite cases and know how to handle these types of cases.

While dog bite cases may appear to be somewhat straightforward, they must be taken seriously by you and your attorney. The issues that may be involved in your Indianapolis dog bite lawsuit may include insurance coverage and other complex legal issues.

Lawyer representing personal injury.Dog bites and attacks can happen suddenly and for many reasons causing you or your loved one serious harm.
It’s important to contact an Indianapolis dog bite injury attorney at Truitt Law Offices as soon as possible after the dog bite.
Do not sign anything with any insurance company until you have consulted us.

While people in Indianapolis shouldn’t keep a vicious dog as a pet, many do, and it is their responsibility to protect you from these animals. Many times. the victim of a dog bite or attack is a child. The results could be severe physical injury and significant emotional trauma, even if you’re an adult. In some cases, you or your loved one may suffer permanent disfigurement and damage.

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