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Fingers are the second most frequently injured body part. Whether work-related or due to accidental trauma, hand injuries may diminish earning capacity and your inability to work can result in massive wage losses. When another party’s negligence or misconduct results in a hand injury, you need an Indiana personal injury attorney on your side who understands your case’s worth and will fight for needed and deserved compensation.

How Do Most Hand Injuries Occur in Indiana?

Hand injuries can result from:

What Compensation Is Available For Hand Injuries?

In 2005, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries, which include finger and wrist injuries, accounted for 23 percent of injuries that caused an individual to lose a day of work.

When another party’s negligence or misconduct caused your hand injury, lost wages and other damages can be recovered including:

  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Mental and physical suffering
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Related medical bills, including hospital costs, medication expenses, doctor fees, required surgery, and prosthetics, in the event of amputation.

Do Hand Injuries Require Amputations?

Partial hand amputations are the most common amputations performed. Many hand injuries requiring finger amputation stem from a workplace-related injury. While a company may lose valuable production time, your hand injury may cost you vital income necessary to maintain your family.

Even if your hand injury did not necessitate amputation, fractures require long periods of recovery and the viability and production level of your hand may never be the same.

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