How can a Fort Wayne wrongful death attorney help?

An experienced wrongful death lawyer can provide many valuable services that are aimed at recovering maximum compensation for those who have lost a family member due to the negligence of another. Those services include:

  • Preparing all paperwork for the opening of an estate and appointment of a personal representative
  • Thoroughly investigating a case to determine why the death occurred, who should be held responsible and how much should be sought in wrongful death damages
  • Filing a lawsuit in the proper court and handling all other required paperwork, including forms that may need to be filled with insurers
  • Dealing directly with insurers to reach a settlement or, if necessary, taking the case to the trial
  • Making sure that any compensation recovered through a settlement or verdict gets promptly disbursed

Keep in mind: Truitt Law Offices will not charge for any services we provide unless and until we secure a financial recovery for you.