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Neurontin is a drug that has been prescribed to treat seizures associated with epilepsy; however, this drug caused some very dangerous side effects including suicidal tendencies and severe depression. While Truitt Law Offices in Indiana no longer accept cases related to Neurontin, we accept defective drug cases associated with other drugs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today to find out if a drug you have taken (and have been harmed by) is currently being litigated.

What Are the Suicidal Warning Signs and Behaviors of Neurontin?

If a loved one is prescribed Neurontin, whether for off-label usage or as an anti-seizure medication, it is essential to be aware of common suicidal behavior, including:

  • Becoming depressed
  • Constantly talking about death and dying
  • Giving away expensive possessions to friends
  • Frequently expressing thoughts about hurting oneself

While the FDA has expressed concern and requested that physicians “balance the risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors” associated with Neurontin with the benefits the drug can provide, only an individual’s loved ones can recognize suicidal thoughts and prevent a tragedy.

Neurontin Suicides and Off Label Usage

Off label usage as Neurontin.Neurontin was originally designed to treat epilepsy. However, nearly 80 percent of Neurontin prescriptions are for off-label usage. Unfortunately, while marketing Neurontin prescriptions for off-label usage (like Parke-Davis did) is illegal, prescribing Neurontin for off-label usage is not.

Common conditions treated by Neurontin without the approval of the Food & Drug Administration include:

If you or a loved one has been prescribed Neurontin, whether for epilepsy treatment or off-label usage, and noticed significant behavioral changes, it is essential to contact your physician immediately.

Why You Need a Defective Drugs Attorney

The regulations surrounding defective drug litigation lawsuits are complex. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies employ insurance companies and attorneys skilled at intimidation tactics. Do not let them scare you into settling for less than you deserve.

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