7 Reasons Not to Delay Calling a Lawyer After a Car Accident

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You may have heard that you have up to two years to bring your lawsuit for injuries after a car accident in Indiana. While this is technically true, there are a lot of reasons why you don’t want to wait two years to call a lawyer. The experienced auto accident attorneys of the Truitt Law Offices want you to know your rights early so you can take decisive action to protect your own interests. So, here are seven reasons why you should not wait too long to call a lawyer.

#1 – Medical care

After an accident, you’ll probably need medical care. Some health providers will be reluctant to treat you, because health insurance companies often deny payment, shifting responsibility to the at-fault driver’s auto insurance. This means the medical provider may have to wait and hope that the auto insurance policy pays. When you get a lawyer, your attorney can help to offer assurances, such as a letter of protection, in order to guarantee payment upon resolution of the insurance claim. This helps to ensure you get the care you need right away.

#2 – Peace of Mind

Instead of dealing with a sea of confusion and worry, having an attorney means having someone to call with questions so that you can focus your efforts and energy where they are best served – your physical recovery.

#3 – Higher Recoveries

The fact is that clients with lawyers recover more, on average than self-represented injured people who are at the mercy of an insurance company. An attorney can provide significant leverage in settlement negotiations, while also preserving legal rights along the way.

#4 – Evidence Disappears

No matter what, the first party to gather evidence and have all the facts is usually at a significant advantage. If you don’t have an attorney, you may not know what to look for. An attorney from Truitt Law Offices can work with investigators to obtain witness statements, photographs, video footage, crash data from a vehicle’s black box, and more. Getting these things before they disappear for good can make all the difference.

#5 – Resolving Liens

It’s not just the total settlement or verdict that matters. You also have to worry about healthcare liens, insurance subrogation, and government rights of reimbursement, all of which may substantially reduce your take-home amount of compensation. Working with a skilled injury lawyer means knowing these things ahead of time and understanding them while negotiating.

#6 – Memories Fade

Even the sharpest people lose memories with time. The sooner an attorney is involved, the sooner witnesses can be contacted. You want a legal team who will aggressively push to move your case forward so that if it must go to court, it goes to court quickly. The longer it takes and further from the injury that the trial occurs, the more likely witnesses will move away, forget key details, or even potentially die. Moving slowly only helps the defense.

#7 – You Need Money Now, Not in 4 Years

It can take a couple of years or more to get a case to trial. So, if you wait two years to bring your case, you could be waiting upwards of four or more years before getting paid for your injuries. If you are suffering, that’s much too long.

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