5 Wild Injuries that Should Never Happen but Do

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We all know driving a car can be dangerous, and millions of people get hurt from slips and falls and dog bite injuries each year. But there are some injuries so wild and unusual that it’s hard to believe they happen so frequently. At Truitt Law Offices, we are committed to helping people who are injured, regardless of the nature of the injury. Whether it’s a car wreck or a parachute not opening, our attorneys are here to help. Without further ado, here’s our list of five wild injuries that should never happen, but actually do.

#1 – Skydiving Mishaps

In 2017, 24 skydivers died due to a wide range of problems, from main chute malfunctions to opening late. The majority of these injuries are entirely preventable with proper training and adequate chute inspections. When skydivers are hurt or die, the Federal Aviation Administration investigates.

#2 – Alligator Attacks

Each year, hundreds of Floridians have close encounters with these prehistoric creatures. Over the years, there have been about 17 human fatalities in Florida and a total of 337 attacks since stats were recorded nationally.

#3 – Household Poisoning

Thousands of Americans – many of whom are children – are seriously hurt or killed by household products each year. In fact, each year, there are 660 poison exposure cases reported to Poison Control each year per 1000,000 population. At least one exposure is reported every single second in America. Over 46 percent of all poison exposures are children six and under.

#4 – Sexual Injuries

Yes, it’s true. Ask any emergency room nurse or physician who has been at it a while, and they’ll likely be able to tell at least a few stories about foreign objects, penile fractures, and worse. ABC News reports on some of the serious and even life-threatening injuries that people can suffer when sexual activities get out of hand.

#5 – Drone Injuries

Believe it or not, drones are getting to be so popular that they are actually starting to hurt people. Each year, a handful of people suffer some form of injury due to drones. Some cases have involved people being struck in the head by a crashing or falling drone. Other situations have involved people mishandling or misusing drones, leading to accidents and injuries. In fact, the problem is getting so common that the Insurance Information Institution reports that insurance carriers are not beginning to offer medical payment insurance and commercial liability coverage for commercial drone pilots to cover injuries as well as property damages.

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